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Toca-discos de vinil Marantz TT42 - sem pré de phono embutido

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Toca-discos de vinil Marantz TT42 - sem pré de phono embutidoToca-discos de vinil Marantz TT42 - sem pré de phono embutidoToca-discos de vinil Marantz TT42 - sem pré de phono embutido
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Marantz TT42

Toca discos de vinil da linha hi-fi

Precisa de um amplificador com entrada phono, pois este toca-discos não tem pré de phono





The Marantz TT-42 is a fully automatic, high quality turntable with DC servo belt-drive, low-coloration tone arm, & transparent dust cover. The TT-42 is the ideal answer to your need for a high performance source component for analog records. Fully Automatic: The Marantz TT-42 turntable features full automatic operation for easy & comfortable operation that protects the stylus from damage. The turntable offers automatic start, plus automatic tone-arm return & stop. Low Noise DC Servo Motor: The Marantz TT-42 full automatic turntable employs a DC Servo motor belt-drive system (with rubber belt & metal bearings) to ensure accurate speed & rumble-free sound reproduction. 33-1/3 & 45 RPM: The TT-42 offers two speed selection playback in both 33 1/3 & 45 rpm (adapter included).

MM Cartridge: The Marantz turntable's MM cartridge is compatible with a vast majority of the amplifiers & receivers. Attached Stereo RCA/Ground Cables: The Marantz TT-42 is fitted with an attached 44" stereo RCA cable & 35" ground wire.


Combining classic turntable design with modern audio technologies, the Marantz TT42 Turntable plays back your vinyl collection with stunning audio quality. This turntable features a fully automatic mechanism that plays records with a touch of a button. A low-coloration tone arm, DC servo motor, and belt drive ensure pristine, interference-free playback.

Enjoy your vinyl collection with stunning audio quality thanks to modern audio technologies.

Low-coloration tone arm, DC servo motor, and belt drive ensure pristine, interference-free playback. View larger.


Vinyl Record Playing with Modern Convenience

Have you noticed the resurgence of vinyl record sales in recent years? Fueled by the fact that many treasured albums have not been issued in digital format, and with newer artists continuing to release music on vinyl, turntables are popping up in living rooms all over the world.

The Marantz TT42 Turntable combines old school record playing with convenient, high-performance features. The turntable is fully automatic: with a push of the "play" button, the tone arm precisely lifts itself onto the record groove, saving you the trouble of having to manually position the stylus. Once playback has concluded, the tone arm safely returns to its resting position without scuffing your record.


A Quality Mechanism for High-Fidelity Playback

The TT42 turntable is outfitted with a low-coloration tone arm that resists resonance for a clear, balanced sound. A high quality, moving magnet cartridge is preset at the factory for proper tracking and smooth response. In addition, the turntable's DC servo belt drive keeps the motor running at a constant speed for optimum performance. The TT42 is designed to produce a stunning, nuanced, and distortion-free audio performance.

A version of the TT42 with a phono preamp, the TT42P, which features built-in phono input circuitry, is also available to accommodate multi-channel receivers that lack a proper phono input.

The Marantz TT42 Turntable comes complete with a clear plastic dust cover and is backed by a three-year limited warranty.


Package Contents

TT42 turntable, plastic dust cover, and user's manual.





Turntable Section:

• Platter: 11.968"

• RPM: 33-1/3 rpm, 45 rpm

• Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 65 dB

• Wow & Flutter: +/- 0, 10; 0.07%

• Overall Weight: 5,4kg


Tone Arm Section:

• Effective Length: 8.307"

• Overhang: 0.767"

• Offset Angle: 26°

• Tangential Tracking Error: 0.15°/cm Radius

• Tracking Force: 25mN (22.5-27.5 mN)



• Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 18 kHz

• Output Voltage: 4mV

• Cartridge Weight: 0.158 oz



• aluminum platter

• belt-drive system with DC servo motor ensures accurate speed and rumble-free sound reproduction

• low-coloration tonearm with universal cartridge mount

• fully automatic operation

• manual lifter mechanism

• moving magnet cartridge included


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